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Book Review - Slicing Pie

Updated: May 17, 2020

Title: Slicing Pie: Funding Your Company Without Funds

Author: Mike Moyer (http://mikemoyer.com/)

How I Found It: The director of a local technology incubator recommended it.

Why I Read It: I help people create legal entities (e.g., LLCs and corporations) for new businesses. They often ask me how to divide up equity fairly, especially when no one has money to buy in.

What I Think: Slicing Pie presents a logical approach to determining how to calculate each founder's and grunt's equity share of a new business. Mike explains the approach in easy-to-understand, non-legal language. I got bogged down in some of the calculations, but I'm not really a math guy, so I probably skimmed over them too lightly. If you are about to start a company with a team of people, this book is a great resource for determining how you might divide up equity. And it's short enough that you can read it in one or two sittings.

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