• Joel Ankney - Lawyer

Tell and Show Your Attorney Everything

Updated: May 17, 2020

Knowing the whole story helps an attorney give better advice.

Don't try to decide what you think is relevant to your project. Don't try to limit the scope of your attorney's work (perhaps in an effort to save on legal fees) by sharing only what you have decided is relevant.

If there is a contract, give a copy to your attorney (the whole contract, not just the part you think is relevant).

If there are emails about the matter, give copies of all of them to your attorney.

If you have questions about your deal, give your attorney everything you have.

The more your attorney knows about your project, the better the legal services will be, and the less you might pay for his or her legal services.

Attorneys know the law. They need facts so they can apply the law. They can give legal answers in a vacuum, but that's not usually going to resolve the matter. As a client, you are paying your attorney to apply his or her knowledge of and experience with the law to your particular unique facts. Tell and show your attorney everything.

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