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What is a "Main Street" Deal?

Updated: May 17, 2020

A "Main Street" deal is a purchase, sale, or contract involving a small business that might typically be located in or around the Main Street or downtown area of a mythical city or town. Main Street businesses include restaurants, retail stores, doctors, dentists, other professionals (e.g., architects and engineers), service businesses (e.g., construction contractors, landscapers, and automotive repair businesses), consultants, manufacturers, technology companies, business-to-business vendors, industrial companies, real estate developers, and landlords.

Purchases and sales of these businesses and real estate tend to be for prices in the range of $10 million or less. Main Street businesses also routinely need help with contracts, such as commercial loans, leases, consulting or independent contractor agreements, software licenses, employment agreements, equipment leases and purchases, joint venture agreements, and construction agreements.

Main Street businesses that need legal help with deals typically have two choices: (1) a lawyer at a big law firm who does lots of large deals, but costs a lot of money, or (2) a general practice lawyer who does not have experience doing deals, but has more reasonable fees. In the first instance, the business probably will pay for more than it needs. In the second instance, the business may not get the service and protection it needs.

I am the third alternative: a lawyer who did sophisticated deals at a large law firm who now has his own law firm to serve Main Street business. You get the experience, knowledge, and expertise of a big firm deal lawyer at a reasonable fee. Check out my website at www.jalawoffice.com for more information about how I can help you with your Main Street deals.

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