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I Represent Sellers

I love representing sellers of small businesses. The first transaction I led as a young lawyer was the sale of an egg farm for about $10 million. In the past 25 years, I have represented more sellers than I can count. Last year, I closed 27 transactions, and I represented the seller in 11 of them.

At the 2024 Wharton ETA Club Summit, I heard some frustration from searchers, investors, and advisors about working with seller's lawyers. Most of that frustration seemed to come from sellers using lawyers with whom they have a long-standing relationship, but who have little to no experience in small business purchases and sales. I get that because I run into that situation often when I represent buyers.

I want to solve that problem, relieve that frustration, and represent more small business sellers.

Here's why I'm well-suited to represent sellers in a way that will help the deal proceed smoothly to closing:

  • I have over 25 years of experience representing small business sellers

  • I know how these deals work from both sides of the table

  • I know what's customary and reasonable

  • I have represented sellers who have sold to traditional search funds, self-funded searchers, private equity, key employees, competitors, other equity holders, and investors

  • I have represented sellers in deals where the buyer has been represented by some of the largest law firms in the world and some of the smallest law practices

  • I have represented sellers in deals where the buyer's lawyers sit in New York City, Chicago, Washington, DC, Boston, Atlanta, Austin, Boulder, and Los Angeles

  • I’ve closed deals for sellers located all over the USA

  • I’ve closed deals for sellers in many different industries, including software, e-commerce, manufacturing, services, healthcare, publishing, consulting, retail, and food service

  • I'm the author of Here's The Deal: Everything You Wish a Lawyer Would Tell You About Buying a Small Business

  • I'm a dealmaker, not a dealbreaker

  • My fees are reasonable and fair

  • Lawyers for buyers have always enjoyed collaborating with me to get the deal closed

If you know of a seller who needs a good lawyer to represent them in the sale of their business, you can send them to me. I'll take care of them and get their deal closed smoothly.


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