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Book Review: Buy Then Build

Title: Buy Then Build: How Acquisition Entrepreneurs Outsmart the Startup Game

Author: Walker Deibel (

How I Found It: Amazon customers frequently buy Buy Then Build, when they buy my book, Here's the Deal.

Why I Read It: I wanted to see why Amazon customers buy our books together. I also wanted to learn about Walker's business perspective on acquisitions.

What I Think: I see why people buy Walker's book and my book together. Each book explains many of the same topics in the business acquisition process from a different perspective: Walker discusses business issues and I discuss legal issues. The two books compliment each other well. My book contains passages lightly touching on business issues that Walker's book explains in great detail. Walker's book contains passages lightly touching on legal issues that my book explains in great detail.

The main premises of Buy Then Build is that an entrepreneur has a greater chance at success when buying and building the right existing business, then when starting a new business from scratch. Buy Then Build is filled practical business advice and tips about acquisition entrepreneurship. I enjoyed the advice Walker provides about how to determine whether you might be a good fit for acquisition entrepreneurship, how to work with advisors, how to find and evaluate potential targets, how to work with a seller, and how to transition into your new company.

If you are even remotely thinking about acquisition entrepreneurship, you should start by reading Walker's book.


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