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Teaser: M & A Unplugged Podcast Interview

Last week, Domenic Rinaldi interviewed me about my book, Here's the Deal: Everything You Wish a Lawyer Would Tell You About Buying a Small Business (link: https://tinyurl.com/stqsvtj) for his

M & A Unplugged Podcast (link: https://www.maunplugged.com/).

I recommend you listen and subscribe to M & A Unplugged if you want to learn more about the large variety of issues encountered in mergers and acquisitions.

Domenic asked why I wrote my book. My primary purposes are (1) to help buyers and sellers understand that an acquisition or sale is a process, not an event, and (2) to teach them about that process.

We discussed the following 4 surprises buyers typically encounter when buying a business:

  1. You will pay more than the purchase price;

  2. Obtaining financing will take longer than you expect;

  3. You will need more legal documents than just the purchase agreement; and

  4. Negotiating and closing the deal will take longer than you expect.

These thoughts triggered a great discussion about the practical aspects of the acquisition process.

Stay tuned for more information about when the episode will be released.

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